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Tips for Finding Career Success after College

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Why This Matters Now

It’s not important that you decide on a career today or even in the next couple of years but it is important to discover your passions and know what it takes to follow your dreams.

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~Francis of Assisi

Ten Ways that School Prepares You for Work

  1. Writing Skills
  2. Speaking Skills
  3. Teamwork Skills
  4. Problem-Solving Skills
  5. Initiative
  6. Cool under Pressure
  7. Attention to Detail
  8. Time Management
  9. Honesty
  10. Love of Learning

People who are___ might do well as___

  1. Accurate: Technical Writers
  2. Bold: Firefighters, Stockbrokers, Reporters
  3. Compassionate: Veterinary Technician, Therapists
  4. Cool-headed: Multimedia Artists and Animators, Art Directors
  5. Inquisitive: Medical Scientists, Research Psychologists
  6. Observant: Chemists, Writers, Anthropologists
  7. Organized: Librarians, Surgical Technicians
  8. Outgoing: Human Resource Managers, Sales Engineers
  9. Patient: Teachers, Photographers, Occupational Therapists
  10. Persuasive: Environmental Engineers, Public Relations Specialist
  11. Practical: Operations Research Analyst
  12. Versatile: Interior Design, Physical Education and Coaching

Questions To Consider When Thinking About Careers

  1. Will you enjoy the daily activities associated with the career? Will it be fulfilling?
  2. How many responsibilities will you have?
  3. How often will you work with others?
  4. What can you do now to start preparing for any career?
  5. Will this job be in high demand when you graduate from college?
  6. How much schooling will you need to be successful in this career?
    Different careers require different levels of education. For example:

    Careers and Degrees

    4 Year Bachelors Degree

    Graduate Degree

    2 Year Associate Degree
    Accountants College Professors Dental Hygienists
    Engineers Advanced-Practice Nurses Engineering Technicians
    Teachers Dentists Preschool Teachers


    Doctors Paralegals
    Insurance Agents Economists Registered Nurses
    Federal Agents Lawyers Aircraft and Avionics Technicians

    Landscape Architects


Discovering Your Passions

1. Complete Career Inventories Career Center
    -America’s Career Info Net:
    -North Carolina’s Occupational Information Database:

2. Get Involved at school and participate in extracurricular activities that might relate to a career you're interested in

Creative Ways to Start Thinking About Careers

  1. Job Shadowing
  2. Cooperative Education
  3. Internships
  4. Summer Programs
  5. Part-time Jobs

Getting Started Early

  1. Make Good Grades
  2. Stay motivated
  3. Learn As Much as you can
  4. Set high standards
  5. Discover your passions


This Page Written by Crystal Gray